About Us

We at Aroma Ice cream have been providing luxury desserts to the restaurant and catering industry since 1989. We are a leading national manufacturer and distributor of premium desserts.

Our business is founded on two key values, a clear focus on customer service and the provision of quality products. Everything we do is underpinned by our passion for quality products and ingredients. Innovation is central to our success. We strive to continuously offer our customers with new, improved and creative combinations, which form a basis of success for a business. We strongly stand by the saying “your success is our reputation”.

Our ambition is to continue being a national brand that is always corespondent with the wishes of our customers. We concentrate highly on our service with excellent delivery times and ensuring customers are always well stocked to do business efficiently. We offer our customers a dedicated customer care team to ensure they are recieveing the best of service.

The necessites of our clients are of paramount importance to us. For this reason, we provide bespoke and high quality dessert menus to all our customers free of charge.

At Aroma Ice Cream, we aim to continue the tradition of producing only the best quality ice cream and desserts. We endeavour to guarantee our products create an exceptional eating experience second to none. The delights of Aroma ice Cream awaits you.